Top fashion bloggers to follow in 2019 for better style inspiration

Style is one of those things you can never get enough of – you could always do better with just one more style – every time.

If you’re looking for more fashion ideas or style inspiration to touch up your wardrobe collection, then the best place for you to be is a fashion blog.

Fashion bloggers all over the world are trying out new things, venturing into the unknown to uncover previously unknown styles so you can try them on without inventing the wheels all over again. 

As such following fashion bloggers is a goldmine. It gives you more idea to up your style game as well as be confident enough to try out new things.

In this article, we’ll uncover the best and most popular fashion bloggers that you can follow for more fashion style inspiration, lifestyle tips, and wardrobe management ideas. 

Top fashion bloggers to follow in 2019 for better style inspiration


  • Tanesha Awasthi

Venturing out into the unknown has never been an easy job. There’s that fear that it just might not work and that’s why nobody is doing it.

Or that no one will like you for what you’ll be doing. Tanesha Awasthi is one of those few ladies who have taken her style into her hands and created something different.

For a long time now, the accepted definition of beauty is the stereotypical ultra-thin fashion model on magazines and in Hollywood.

The reality, however, is far from that stereotype – most women are plus sized. Tanesha took the work upon herself to create a platform that shows plus sized ladies how to dress and be happy with who they are and not listen to what the magazine has to say.

Tanesha has seen much success, and her blog Girl With Curves is one place you might want to check out if you’re looking for more fashion idea – there are loads of them there.

Website :

  • Blair Eadie

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<sunset colors 🌅 on a Sunday>

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Blair Eadie has worked with popular brands such as Gucci, Sephora, CoverGirl, etc. she began her blog the Atlantic-Pacific in 2011 when she noticed the growing trend in street style and how it was changing various perceptions in the fashion industry. 

Her blog has since grown, and today, she has over a million followers on Instagram with lots of subscribers on her mailing list waiting for her latest post.

Website :

  • Danielle Bernstein

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Red white and tan 👌🏻

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Danielle Bernstein began her blog, Who Wore What while still a student as a platform for sharing daily outfit inspiration for her followers.

The blog soon became popular with its crisp image quality and elegant style. Today, Danielle shares both her style inspiration images with her followers as well as a couple of other things such as lifestyle tips and decors.

Website :

  • Lyn Slater

It’s not every day we come across fashion blogs explicitly created for women in their late 40s, 50s, or 60s.

It’s good to know these older women still want to look good and better even to know that someone out there is ready to devote her time to inspire and show them that age is never a barrier to personal style.

Lyn Slater founded Accidental Icon to care for the fashion of older women. Her blog has over 400,000 followers.

Website :

  • Tami Reed

Tami Reed is one of those few people who seem to have it all figured out in life; she’s beautiful, confident, sweet, and funny and has quite a large fan base for her blog.

If you want to know the latest in the fashion world or hear the latest news in Hollywood, her blog, Talking with Tami is the best place for you to be. She combines red carpet moment with fashion in ways just a few other fashion bloggers can boast about.

Website :

  • Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson began her fashion blog, Fashion Jackson, while still in the corporate business world. The blog, however, soon grew into a thriving business, making it possible to quit her day job.

If you’re looking for better ways to combine your top with your jeans, Amy Jackson’s blog is the best place to visit for style inspiration

Website :

  • Kristina Bazan

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🐾 Photography @elisaparron

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Kristina Bazan is a Swiss model blogger with over a million likes on her Facebook page in addition to thousands of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Follow her blog, Kayture for latest fashion trends from high-end brands such as  

Website :

  • Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in India. She began her blog, Akanksha Redhu as a means of documenting popular fashion trends and styles. 

Today her blog has over 130k followers on Instagram, and she talks almost about everything – travels, fashion, makeup tips, best products, etc. on her blog. 

Website :

  • Lisa Gachet

If you’re are a do-it-yourselfer then there’s just a single place for you to be – Lisa Gachet’s blog, Wear Lemonade.

Lisa Gachet is a passionate DIY artist with a great love for personal style. She combines both passions to create a visually rich platform and style inspiring.

Website :

  • Emily Schuman

When it comes to Emily, personal style is more than just what we wear; it’s an extension of who she is and what she thrives on.

Emily began her blog, Cupcakes, and Cashmere in 2008 to share her passion for food and fashion. Today, Emily has written a bestseller novel for the fashion industry. She also owns a clothing line that has sold in major retailers.

Website :

  • Aimee Song

Aimee is a Los Angelo-based interior designer. Her most important selling points, however, are her straightforward street style photo-shoots which have seen her followers grown far beyond the million marks.

Website :

  • Wendy Nguyen

If you’re looking for style inspiration to help you make better decisions for your wardrobe, then feel free to look in Wendy’s Lookbook. Wendy shares all she knows about style and the wardrobe in her Lookbook with over 600,000 fans 

Website :

  • Erica Choi

Egg Canvas for most fashion lovers is what a fashion blog should look like – a photo gallery with occasional text where ever necessary.

Erica Choi started her blog to share her style with others. To her eggs and canvas are the two most important instrument for a painter, and so Egg Canvas was born. Feel free to check out Egg Canvas right away and see Erica expressing her style in the most passionate way possible.

Website :

  • Olivia Lopez

Olivia is the queen of pop and summertime outfit. She blogs at Lust for life and has been featured on Teen Vogue, Elle, and Barneys.

Website :

  • Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim started her blog, The Chriselle Factor in 2011 as a platform to chronicle her projects and jobs as a style editor.

One of the most outstanding features of her blog is the viewer request outfit which was the major reason why she turned to blogging after gaining much popularity on YouTube. She shares the various requested outfit in her daily posts. 

The blog has however evolved and she now shares various posts covering fashion, lifestyle and beauty with thousands of monthly viewership

Website :

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