New York Fashion Week: Best Picks From Show

New york fashion week

The fashion crowd is travelling from one part of the world to the other, and so are the trends and styles with them.First, it was the New York fashion week with lots of styles, overcoats, plaited skirts, colour mixes and neon-dyed hair.

Now the fashion crowd has moved on to London. The London fashion week was as glamorous as the city itself and even more so with the added colours and neon hairs.

Whites and neutrals were the dominating colours in the London fashion week, with most Londoners dubbing almost every outfit with either white or a neutral.

Stockings were also prevalent and we could not even begin to describe the number of people that came out with overcoats – like it was planned! And then the fur prints, lots and lots of them were seen during the fashion week.

Below we’ve curated some of the best dressers during the last London fashion show. It’s not just their dress, but the style and the unique colour play, accessories and some of the styles we think might become a trend soon enough.

The pink overcoat

This is one of the most astonishing outfits we found during the last London fashion week.

Undoubtedly there are many more where this came from, but someone has to be first on our list and so here we are.

What is most mesmerizing about this outfit is not really the beauty of the overcoat or the dress it layers over – yes, they are both gorgeous, but the subtle colour play is something else – notice the pink overcoat matching the small flat purse?

That colour is subtly shaded with the white of the inner dress gown so the outfit wouldn’t precisely shout ‘teen.’ And how much more can we comment on the white inner dress matching the white subtly hidden but still visible behind the pink purse? Seems wherever pink goes, white went as well.

Still on the overcoat

Overcoats were the predominant styles during the last London fashion week – lots of Londoners were in it.The different forms of the coat coupled with its ability to accentuate and breathe ‘awesomeness’ into other outfits, gives the wearer the ability to create something unique using the same material.

So while we saw many overcoats, we saw no two similar types. This Londoner’s outfit piqued our interest the most, and we believe you can guess why – her colour mix is unique and quite subtle.

Even though brown is often tricky to complement, she did this easily and in the most subtle way to create a unique pattern that’s both pleasant and alluring.

The brown overcoat is subtly complemented with a lighter shade of the colour found on the handle of the handbag as well as by the deeper shade on her eyeglasses.

Then the black colour of the bag goes well with her black cellphone as well as her brunette hair. The buttons on the overcoat are unusually large and finely shaded with different shades of brown to match every other accessory and let’s not talk about the white inner shirt – the outfit is simply gorgeous.

The crazy show

What’s a fashion show without some of those crazy fads? This knitted sweater is something we never expected to see during the fashion week but so glad this lady pulled the look off – and girl, she nailed it! The outfit may look complicated at first glance but quite simple.

The woollen sweater is well complemented by the many colours of the flowery gown as well as the pink colour of her bag and stiletto heels. Her bump hairstyle gives the outfit the chicness we all can see.

The monochrome

The head-to-toe colour coordination is one of the simplest ways to wear an outfit without working too hard to make sure every part fits.

Lots of celebrities today are found making use of the head-to-toe colour coordination colour hack, but most are fond of the black, and that’s why this beautiful lady got our attention with this pretty head-to-toe pink colour coordination.

The outfit is simply, with every aspect of her dress emphasizing the theme colour.

Taking the sweater up a notch

Sweaters are an integral part of our everyday wears. We wear them to almost every casual occasion. They are simple enough and do not require much efforts to complement.

This lady’s sweater, however, is not like the everyday sweater we are used to. The sweater comes with convoluted sleeves close to the wrists which are surprisingly tight and long.

The colour of the sweater itself is strip blue and milky-white with dashes of pale blue around the collar, wrists and waists.

The dark blue colours harmonize well with the dark skirts, and the blue bag slung over her shoulder. The sunglasses give her overall outfit a sophisticated aura.

The age of neon

Not many people rock the neon colours every day. It’s all boils down to the stigma attached to such, and so we tend to stay away from them as much as we can – well; except on special occasion.

The London fashion week saw a lot of people coming out with various colours of neon hair – blue, pink, orange, purple – just so many of them.

But what can we say when the pink neon hair is attached to a rainbow outfit? You might say crazy, but this is certainly not what we expected, and so we couldn’t resist adding this unique picture style here. With colours, anything is possible.


Tweed has a way of finding its way back into our lives. It has trended enough and yet we never seem to be tired of them.

This bathrobe style tweed is simply gorgeous and takes the ‘old-school’ out of the material.

The strip ensures she matches every other colour easily and did you notice the subtle hair ribbon on her hair complementing the colours of her tweed stripes and the neckband?

She chooses to step out with a black boot and a pair of denim pants which seems to be a great choice – talk about combining the old with the new.


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