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look taller with faship tips
It’s okay for you to want to look taller if you feel you fall on the shorter side of the scale. Height is important. It commands respect and is quite appealing when it comes to looking for an attractive mate. Height is one of those things women look at when they are considering a guy for a relationship.

Being taller makes you more attractive, whether as a lady or a man. As such, it’s natural for shorter people to want to look taller. On the negative side, our height is one of those things that we cannot alter biologically. There’s currently no surgery for increasing heights.On the plus side though you can make yourself appear taller to others than you are by watching the way you dress. You see, clothes create illusions and depend on what we wear, we can appear shorter or taller.

This post will teach you some fashion hacks to help you create the illusion of height. This way, whenever you dress, you’ll appear a lot taller to others than you are. This post is divided into three sections. The first portion deals with tops and some of the styles you can use to look taller while the second portion deals with pants and skirts that can make you look taller. The third part covers the issues of accessories – yes accessories play a crucial role here too. 


Picking a top

  • Opt for a V-neck shirt

V-necks are a lot more fashionable today than ever, and as such, you can comfortably wear one to a casual meeting. V-necks makes your torso look longer and consequently, makes you look taller than you are.

  • Tuck in your top

If you have a short torso and long legs, tucking in your shirt will lengthen your frame and make you look a lot taller than you are.
This look is particularly easy to practice since you’ll be tucking in your shirt a lot when you are going to the office.

For men, this look is best practiced with a dress shirt and trousers while women can try this look with a shirt and skirt especially shorter skirts which will give the illusion of longer legs if you have short legs, but if you have long legs, a flowing skirt might be your best option.

  • Go for form-fitted tops

The bulkier your top is, the smaller and shorter you’ll appear. To keep this from happening, ensure you always go for clothes that hug your frame.

Form-fitted clothes tend to elongate your frame and make you appear taller and more put in place than lose clothing. As such, avoid thick, bulky sweater as much as possible. Instead, go for lighter ones and if you’re going for long sleeves shirts or suit, ensure arms are slim enough. Slimmer sleeves create the impression of length and make your arms more distinct.

  • Avoid horizontal striped tops

Not only tops but horizontally striped dresses and pants as well. Horizontal stripes will make you look shorter than you already are. As such, avoid them as much as you can. Instead, always go for vertically striped dresses or tops and pants.

Vertical lines tend to make us look taller than we are, and since appearing taller is the goal, vertical strips should be your goals.
Picking your skirts or pants

  • Go for high waisted pants or skirts

Higher waisted pants or skirt will make your legs look longer and add more heights to your frame. When shopping, ensure you’re on the lookout for high waisted skirts or pants. 

When it comes to looking taller in a high waisted skirt, the shorter the skirt, the better it is for creating the illusion of tallness. As such, ensure you go for high-waisted skirts that are always a little above your knees. 

It’s a lot easier to find high-waisted skirts than it is to find high-waisted pants. High-waisted pants are already going out of fashion – thanks to denim and leggings. The best place to look for high-waisted pants is in stores that sell vintage pants. Most vintage pants are high-waisted.

  • Keep the lengths of your pants on your ankles

Pants that fold around the ankle makes you appear shorter and rounder. To avoid this sort of appearance, you’ll want to ensure your pants always stop at your ankle. Don’t let it fold even a little bit above your shoes.

You don’t have to throw your lengthy pants away. You can always have them tailored to fit your length. Also, while with your tailor, ensure they remove any sagging portion around the crutch. Pants with saggy crutch are unflattering, especially if your frame falls on the shorter side of the scale.

  • Matching your pants’ color with your shoes’

When you are putting on denim or any other pants, ensure you blend its colors with that of your shoe. This will help increase the length of your legs and make you appear taller.

The trick here is simple – by matching the colors of your pants with that of your shoes, the shoe naturally becomes an extension of your legs to any observer. This way, you appear taller to them.


  • Go for super tall or super short boots

When it comes to dressing to look taller, your shoes play a very critical role in your overall appearance. Stiletto and high-heeled shoes obviously will make you look taller. 

Mid-shaft boots, however, will not. When you are dressing to look taller, you’ll want to avoid mid-shaft boots as they cut your legs in two and makes you appear shorter. Instead, go for super high knee boots or super short heel boots. Both options will have a more profound effect on your heights than the fashionable mid-shaft boots.

  • Avoid chunky accessories

Chunky accessories are fun to play with – they can make you look bolder, more confident, and fun. But if you’re dressing to add more inches, you should avoid them. Instead, you should focus on going for daintier accessories.

When it comes to dressing for height, the minimalist look is best.

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