Tips on how to look handsome and attractive as a man


Looking our best is something each one of us desire. It is not basal neither is vanity, after all the way people interact with you, will most often be based on your appearance.

As such, we often catch ourselves looking in the mirror evaluating our looks at every single opportunity we can get and make adjustment where necessary to always look our best whether we are headed out for a date or just a casual walk down the street.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why a man would want to look more handsome and sexy. For one, handsomeness breeds confidence. It also calls for admiration and off course pulls the women and can help you get laid easily if that what you are after.

As much as the pros of handsomeness and attractiveness are clear, there exists a bigger question. How do you look more handsome and attractive as a man?

Sure, handsome has a lot to do with luck in the gene pool and some men are naturally endowed with cute faces, square jaws, cool eyes and several other attractive biological traits.

But then handsomeness like every other thing in life is subjective and as such the look can be pulled off by anyone with just a few fashion tricks. You can actually learn and walk your way into attractiveness. And no – the road to become more attractive will not be as difficult as you are probably thinking right now – and it’s just a few fashion tips away.

This post is a guide to some of the most interesting fashion tips to help you look more handsome and attractive as a man.

Watch your facial hair

You have to realize that there is a difference between having hair and keeping a hair style.

Take especially good care of your facial hair. If you want to keep a beard then make sure it is frequently trimmed and kept neat (especially at the edges) so that it is easily noticed as style and not some form of carelessness or an attempt to keep a mini forest on your face.

Your eyebrows, watch them. They are one of the first things a person would notice when they come close. Make sure the two eyebrows don’t merge into one. Frequently separate them by plucking the hair above the nose ridge. Also endeavor to trim stray hair around the eyebrows.

The hair on your head plays a good role on your looks. A nice haircut could elevate your handsomeness status whereas a bad one could ruin your face without regards to how cute the face might be. Ensure to get a hairstyle that fits your head shape, don’t simple copy a hairstyle because you saw it on a pop star or actor’s head and it looked good on them, It could be a disaster on your head.

You can use hair product but not in excess just enough to keep your hair stylish yet natural.

Care for your nails

People like to have a feel that care has gone into a particular thing. Clip your nails regularly. You should get a manicure and/or pedicure set to ensure your nails are frequently trimmed. Wash your nails and make them dirt free. Avoid biting on the nails in public as this anxiety. For no reason should you allow your nails grow out like claws.

Take note of your shoes

Your shoes may not mean a lot to you but a lot of people (ladies especially) take good note of the shoes you wear. Let me take a guess, the only colors of shoes you have in your wardrobe are black and brown. Too bad. Add a few more if you take attractiveness quite seriously.

Shine your shoes frequently. The shoes are almost as important as the shirts; a poor choice of shoes could ruin your entire look. Always watch out for wear, tear or mud in your shoes.

Roll your sleeves

You must have heard of this but I will say it again because of its importance. Rolling up your sleeves shows that you relaxed and brings about cool-ness to your dressing. Rolled sleeves will also expose attractive muscles that would otherwise be hidden.

There are several ways to roll your sleeves, learn the one that goes best with your shirt and arm structure.

Tucking in your shirts

Obviously not all shirts. No one wants to see the catastrophe of someone tucking in a blazer. Tucking in, when done appropriately- creates a feel of smartness about your dressage. It gives.

Wear clothes that fit

Your clothes should truly be your clothes.
Tailor your clothes to match your frame, this way; your entire structure is accentuated. It is better to wear a $150 suit that fits than a $1500 baggy suit. Fitting should be he watch word when shopping or at least find a tailor to adjust your clothing after you buy them.

Take a friend along when you go for shopping so they get to see an all angle view of the clothes you buy while you try them on.

Always watch out for colors that look good on you, colors that match your skin and the various combinations of colors that click for you.

Take care of your skin

Watch your skin, moisturize if necessary, tan it if it looks better that way. At all cost, keep it in the best tone and texture. Make the most appropriate choice of cream that fits your skin tone and texture; meet a doctor if you need to. Just make sure you come out with the best.

Use deodorants and perfume

If there is anything as good or better than looking good then it’s smelling good. Generally, people appreciate good scent, be it from flowers or human beings. Perfumes make one attracted to you not necessarily for your good looking face but rather for the fragrance you exude just like one would naturally be attracted to a flower that produces good scent.

Be careful not to bath yourself in a particular perfume rather, use perfumes and deodorants that enhance your natural smell.

Watch your posture

A bad posture –standing walking or sitting- shows abnormality and discourages others from making contact. Bad posture could also make you look weak and submissive passing an air of no confidence.

Avoid stained clothes

More than the latest and expensive clothes, what people want to see you wear is a neat clothe. At all cost, avoid wearing a stained clothe. It might be your favorite but if it is stained, kindly put it away and look for something else to wear.

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