How to look expensive on a tight budget

How to look expensive on tight budget easy tips
With all the fashion buzz going on on the internet, it seems all we have to do nowadays with our hard-earned cash and time is to spend hours shopping and putting outfits together and then look a total mess all in the name of trends.

Trends, however, can only go so far and reality even further from the craze of the virtual world. In fact, not everyone has the money to rock expensive looks whenever they may like.

We have to budget and going above our budget often means disaster towards the end of the next payday. But you don’t have to go overboard with your spending to look expensive.

Armed with a few fashion hacks, you can wear an expensive dress and make it look fancy. Fashion is not more about how much you are wearing but how well you’re wearing it.

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to look expensive even when you’re on a tight budget. 

How to look expensive on a tight budget

Make everything fit

When it comes to looking expensive, ensuring your clothes plays a critical role. If you take the time to tailor your outfit and ensuring they are fit before wearing them, you’ll have solved more than half of your fashion problem.

When shopping, keep in mind that the simpler the piece of clothing item is, the easier it’ll be to tailor, and the lower the cost will be.

Always swap old ugly buttons on your outfits

Buttons are tiny and often look negligible, but in reality, they play a huge role in our overall appearance.

If you have an outfit that still looks good without any fault and yet often look shabby, you may want to start making improvements by changing the buttons on the gear.

Look for newer and more stylish buttons and replace the old ones with them. You may want to consider the color of the outfit and how well the color of the new buttons will fit in. Buttons are very easy to sew in with just a needle and thread, but if you don’t have any experience with the needle, you may want to give it to a tailor to do the job for you. 

Don’t buy distressed pieces

Today, almost everyone is rocking distress denim and pants. The hard truth is that they don’t make any financial sense.

Distress has a way of appearing fashionable when they are trending but worn out of the group, and you’ll look a lot shabby than you can imagine.

Avoid wearing distress tops and pants as much as possible. This will also mean that you should avoid spending much on any given distressed piece.

Stop washing your clothes every time

It’s so easy to get in the habit of washing our clothes every time we get a stain on them or after wearing them once.

Sadly, the more you wash those pieces, the more the colors will fade, and the weaker the fabrics will become and lose their shine – you don’t make a cloth newer by washing it regularly.

Instead of washing the whole garment when you get a spot on it, you may want to spot clean it with a sponge dipped in water and if the clothing starts smelling without any visible sign of dirtiness, you may want to refrigerate overnight to remove the stain instead of washing it right away.

The more you wash your clothes, the more the colors fade, and they become less fashionable. As such, avoid washing your garment at the slightest hint of a spot – instead spot clean with a sponge or a toothbrush.

Get a pressing iron

It doesn’t matter if it’s a floral dress; you may want to straighten it out with a pressing iron before wearing it.

Wrinkles have a way of making clothes look shabby. You can always set a little time during the weekend to straighten all your dresses. It’s often best for you to use a steamer instead of a dry pressing iron as the latter can cause some of the colors in your fabrics to fade.

Choose blacks over brown

Since we are talking about looking expensive within a tight budget here, chances are you won’t be going for those costly high-grade materials.

Unfortunately, most colors perform woefully on lower quality material when it comes to spotting an expensive look on a tight budget.

Brown is chief among these. If you’re on a low budget and won’t want to spend much on high-quality material, then avoid going for brown colors. Instead, go for blacks as they can retain their elegant looks even on lower-end materials.

On jewelry

When it comes to spotting an expensive look on a budget, most people tend to go for replicas. But that’s often the wrong choice.

Replicas fade quickly with time, and shiny metallic replicas tend to lose their shine over a short period. 

Instead of going for a replica of a popular brand, you may want to go for a cheap original. Avoid shiny metallic colors like gold or silver. They often fade quicker. And when it comes to stone, clear crystals are your best options.

Colored plastic crystals often won’t look like the original stuff after wearing them for a few times.

Add a fragrance

No outfit is complete without a whiff of a pleasant-smelling perfume. Your clothes may not be as expensive as they look and your jewelry not all shiny, but with a good smelling aura around you, fewer people will even pay attention to all those.

It’s often best for you to apply perfumes on the lower half of your body since heat goes up and not down. You should also apply it on your wrist, elbows and the nape of your neck.

Layer a lot

Layering is one aspect of fashion a lot of people have no clue about. It’s one of the favorite looks of celebrities, but few people ever consider the magic behind it.

Layering involves wearing an outfit on another outfit. You can layer one outfit on another outfit, and they will complement each other and look a lot more expensive on you than when worn singly. 

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