Best festival fashion for festival season


The festivals are here again and there’s just one more thing between you and your favorite fun time – picking out your festival fashion.

Festivals are super exciting to attend and mingling with new people can be fun, but the moment right before it can be very stressful – especially when you literally have no idea what to wear.

Whether you’re heading out for the Coachella festival or any other festival, it’ll do you a world of good if you have a well laid out plan for your outfit.

Your festival fashion is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider carefully during your preparation for a festival. It can make or mar your day!

Here, we have carefully selected some of the most enchanting festival ideas you can try out. Feel free to rock this looks whole or serve as a base for you to build yours on.

Best festival fashion for ladies

The play suit outfit

The playsuit outfit is easily one of the most stylish festival fashion that require the least effort to pull off. Its simple stylish and does not require much accessorizing – a bum bag and a fiddler cap and you’re all set to go.

The only problem you might encounter when rocking this outfit to a festival is the chances of running into so many other ladies rocking the same look – maybe in different colors but most possibly white playsuit and black bum bag.

If you have no problem spotting the same look as others during the festival, feel free to give this idea a thought.

The sheer lace top and denim outfit

Lace and denim sure makes a good looker. If you’re out of ideas of what to wear to a hot sandy beach side festival, you may want to try this look.

This comprises of a sheer lace top with a denim bum short. You can pair it with a black sandal but we recommend you rock this with a pair of black boots to match the color of your lace top. And don’t forget your hat.

This outfit is quite versatile and one of those rare fashion look you can easily wear to other festivals by making simple tweaks to it.

Flowy two-piece

If you’ll be chilling in the air-conditioned VIP lounge during a festival then it means you can indulge in the fun side of fashion during a festival without worrying about ruining your outfit right before the festival commences or when it ends.

The flowy two-piece dress is the perfect VIP festival fashion idea you should try this time around. This consists of a two-piece flowy dress which can be rocked with pair clear high-heels, statement hoops and a matching acrylic bag.

The style is simple enough to rock and very comfortable to move about in.
Best festival fashion for men

T-shirt and short

When it’s hot, you don’t want to be caught under the weather wearing thick vests and denim. And let’s face it – most festivals takes place during the summer when everywhere will be really hot.

As a man going to one of those festivals, you might want to opt for a simple short and t-shirt outfit. this way you’ll be both comfortable and ready for the festival.

To make the outfit more alluring, you might want to opt for a pair of mirror sunglasses and canvasses. Avoid any thick clothing at all cost.

The raincoat outfit

Wearing something functional during a festival might not sound so pleasant but it all boils down to the time of the year you’re in.

If you’re attending a festival during the raining season you might want to consider opting for the raincoat outfit.

Raincoat doesn’t have to be ugly to protect you from the water. There are many stylish raincoats out there that look like regular jackets but are still raincoats.

They are stylish enough to pass the look and can even protect your under vest from the spill of drinks from one of those careless drunks lying on the shoulders of his friend

It’s not advisable however for you to rock the raincoat outfit alone. Layer it over a t-shirt that you’ll be comfortable in when you eventually take the raincoat off. This of course should be combined with a pair of denim pants or chinos and matching shoes.

Hawaiian shirts

The only outfit you should be spotting under a miniature umbrella while sinking cocktails should be the Hawaiian shirts with a pair of denim or chinos with matching shoes or sandals.

The Hawaiian shirts have remain festival and summer beach holiday fashion hits for men longer than any wearer today will want to know.

The look is simple enough and combines many colorful designs to give a happy cheery and carefree look – the perfect look a festival demands.

Denim jacket and neon bike short

This outfit is not only best for maximum comforts but will let you tap into most of the year’s fashion trends for ladies all at once.

This of course consists of denim jackets and neon bike shorts. You can decide to play around with different colors of neon bike shorts but we recommend going for something that matches your hair color.

And don’t forget your sunglasses – go for tiny cat eye types – the biggest fashion hit for this year and top the look up with a clear cross bag.

Pocket tank top and sharp short

Nothing spoils a good festival like heat. You’ll be moving around a lot and won’t want to look all sweaty. And most times, simplicity is best when it comes to festival fashion for men.

As such, the pocket tank top and sharp short makes for a perfect combo to rock to a festival. You can brush up the look by rocking it with a pair of black sneakers and if you want a bag, we do not advise you go with a backpack, instead reach out for a black cross body bag to complete the look.

Festivals are one of the most exciting times of the year. Your goal should be to have as much fun and meet as much new people as possible. But don’t sacrifice your good looks too.

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